Recent Events, 2022-08-25

[TLDR: Tournaments at Little Dipper still ongoing; primary announcement source moving to this website; events still being planned]

Due to recent events, the website at should be considered the primary source of information for the time being. I do plan to keep this group updated on a best effort basis, but to say the least, my confidence and trust in Meta’s mission “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”, which was already starting to erode, has been eroded massively more in the past 24 hours than from then back the start of the year.

Should this group disappear or my posts to it otherwise censored/restricted, Meta cannot stop me from updating the website and so that is where updates will be made first henceforth. I will also try to keep Pinside and Tilt Forums updated especially as more events are rolled out.

I have also started a chat on Matrix (in lieu of Slack or Discord as used by others); please ask for an invite if desired. I do have a weekly league in the works which should be announced about this time next week. The tournament on the 11th at Little Dipper is still going forward; I have one announced for October as well but those may be going on hiatus for several reasons and/or changing days.

I regret that I haven’t had time to get more events and more compelling events organized. Obviously, long term, the goal is that I’m not doing everything; that’s not sustainable especially as more people get on board with the idea of a real alternative to the incumbent pinball organization in Houston. I believe in choices and a healthy pinball scene where the power is distributed among many people, not held mostly by one person and their friends (and no, it really does not sit well with me that that one person isn’t even a native Houstonian).

My email addresses for league business are “commish” for official administrative matters and “shawn” for just about anything else (at the domain mentioned previously). These are also outside the realm of what Meta can monkey with.

Thanks for sticking around, and keep on flippin’.

Shawn K. Quinn
Founder/Commissioner, Bayou City Pinball League

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