Current League events and updates

Following is a current list of Bayou City Pinball League events:

New logo reveal (online/social media): TBD on or before April 14
Manifesto/league goals reveal: TBD shortly after new logo reveal, on or before April 21
Monday nights, Poison Girl, 1641 Westheimer Road #B, Houston, Texas, starting at approximately 7:30 pm. Goal is to find a sufficient number of interested players for a weekly league to start in late May, June, or early July.
Tuesday nights, TBD downtown/inside I-610 Houston. Goal will be to find a sufficient number of interested players for a recurring twice-monthly three strikes tournament. (will be updated with location name when known)

Future tournament directors, graphic designers, and others who would like to help run the league and its events are encouraged to email commish at this website’s domain (without the “www”). Please include what part of the greater Houston area you currently reside in, any past experience, any current commitments with other tournament/league events in the greater Houston area, and whether or not you consider yourself a down-to-earth person.

Please update Pinball Map with any new pinball machine venues or new/removed pinball machines.

Regrouping and conversion of remaining league meetings

Good news and bad news…

Bad news: due to low attendance and falling too far behind the original schedule, I am cancelling the current league season as such.

Good news: The remaining events will become non-competitive social gatherings in hopes of finding enough players to hold a new league season starting in May or June with tournaments at other venues to follow and accompany that league season. I have not updated the images on the events yet but that is the status. With the transition the starting time won’t be as strictly enforced; I plan to be at Poison Girl before 7:30pm and until at least 9:00pm. Same location, same approximate times, just a non-competitive setting with nothing reported to the IFPA for the time being.

In the same vein of good news, I would like to emphasize that I am not giving up on the league. The new logo is almost done, I will be making some final revisions over the weekend based on feedback I have received.

I am still looking for new pinball venues and people willing to step up and be tournament directors/league officials. At some point I will also be looking for a graphic designer, possibly even two or three people to share the responsibility of doing the graphic design. I’m capable but I will need to place most of my energy into other things.

Looking forward to next Monday night. I hope to see you there!

Shawn K. Quinn, Commissioner, Bayou City Pinball League