The new logo and notes on the coming new year

Since I will not be able to fit in an “official” logo reveal party prior to Houston Arcade Expo, this will have to do for the moment.

I would like to meet up with any interested players in mid-November to discuss future plans and my concept for the league to anyone willing to listen and willing to support true player choice for competitive pinball players of all skill levels in the Houston area. I am targeting the week of November 13-19, unless this is too soon after Houston Arcade Expo. The days before Expo will unfortunately conflict with other events, both pinball-related and personal. The week after is the week of Thanksgiving.

For those of you still here, I appreciate the continued support. I realize the start has been much slower than I ever could have anticipated, but I am not giving up.

Houston deserves choice. Houston deserves a quality pinball league for the best people who play competitive pinball.

Houston deserves the Bayou City Pinball League.

Spread the word. 2024 is going to be a spectacular year for the Houston pinball community and I plan to see the Bayou City Pinball League lead the way. Thank you.

Shawn K. Quinn, Commissioner