POSTPONED – Weekly League at Speedy’s

UPDATE: League has been postponed. The original announcement prior to postponement is left intact below for historical interest only.

It’s official! Our first weekly league will be at Speedy’s Fast Track (11440 Hempstead Road, between Antoine Drive and West 34th Street) on June 7, 14, 21, and 28, with the playoffs on a date yet to be decided (July 5, 7, or 12). There will be no dues for this league, in part because the IFPA is still not endorsing leagues or tournaments at this time.

There will be only four games per week; this differs from (what will eventually be) the usual number of five games stated in the rulebook. Scoring will still be IFPA 7-5-3-1/7-4-1, and the lowest of the four weeks will be dropped to determine ranking for playoffs.

This league will be capped at a maximum of 24 players per meet, with players having played in previous weeks getting priority.

Edit: dates updated to reflect cancellation of original May 24 meeting due to low attendance.