Update for 2020 July

It’s now July, and not a whole lot has changed. Arcades have re-opened at reduced capacity, bars were open for a while but have since been ordered to close again. Perhaps most importantly, the IFPA has not reinstated endorsement of tournament and league play, and has started up something else called the IFPA Challenge Rankings to fill in the void. That we have been without IFPA-endorsed tournaments for this long and that the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be nowhere near over both suggest we could be in for a rather long wait for competitive pinball in general to return to normality, let alone for BCPL to finally officially launch.

At minimum, I’m waiting for arcades and bars to return to operating at 100% capacity. Meanwhile, with the downtime, I have been working on the league’s rulebook, which I will finalize and put online at least a couple of weeks before our first tournaments and/or league nights.

But for now, we wait. Hopefully, not for terribly long.

Shawn K. Quinn
Founding Commissioner, Bayou City Pinball League

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